Count Samedi's Portrait  Among his native people, young Kabelo lived as a prince. He dined on the best meats and his word was law for everyone outside his own family. Little was required of him beyond the occasional rousing speech. Yet there was also little luxury for this tribe of isolated hunter-gatherers. 144 in number, they were decimated on first contact with a large slaver operation. Though some surivors scattered, Kabelo's parents were killed as his village burned. He awoke to find himself among dozens of others on a ship bound for a distant slave market. They called out to the spirits of their ancestors even though they knew they were too far from home for these pleas to be heard.
 Back when he enjoyed ample leisure, young Kabelo devoted himself to mastering every song he could learn. Rare encounters with outsiders gave him an opportunity to use his voice to soothe and entertain. In exchange he learned songs from beyond the lore of his tribe. As best he could understand it, one set of lyrics told the tale of a great and terrible being who would grant amazing powers to those willing to pay his price. Kabelo lulled himself to sleep on the sickening slave ship by chanting variations of this music, desperately hoping that he could strike a such bargain for himself. Deep within the Nine Hells, Asmodeus heard someone seeking to form a pact.
 Kabelo suddenly started directing torrents of deadly toxins. Then the first slaveminder to strike back was slain by a spontaneous eruption of hellfire. Being quick to unlock his people's chains, together they were able to take the ship. Yet they nearly lost sight of land before learning how to steer the huge vessel. Many did not wish to return to their destroyed village. The ship already provided them with steel weapons, a chest of gold, and a variety of enjoyable wines. Under Kabelo's leadership, they managed to find safe harbor, recruit seasoned mariners, and turn a profit as independent traders hauling large consignments.
 Though never focused on the mundane details of naval operations, Kabelo proved an extremely effective leader. Soon his language lessons had all of the crew speaking Norish and Albionish. At every port, Kabelo would first sing to attract buyers for opportunistic traders supplementing the group's income. Later he caroused to study the music of local commoners. Over time his own style matured with the integration of magical flourishes, often made more intense by the resonance of his unholy bargain. Increasingly famous, the orphaned tribal prince passed on the mantle of maritime leadership to become a professional entertainer. "Prince" Roland Samedi was born -- a stage persona that would scandalize respectable communities from Truscanny all the way to Darresteg.
 Prince Samedi felt no desire to bring hellspawn into his world, yet he treasured his connection to an infernal patron. Popularizing both ancient and original songs glorifying hellish overlords, he understood this would inspire venemous outpourings from pulpits far and wide. Whenever upstanding priests denounced this primitive "Prince" more loudly, a new wave of free-thinking young people flocked to see him perform. Fame and fortune truly followed from this deal with the devil. Prince Samedi was already popular, if controversial, act in his own right when he first met the previous Count of Kraken's Reach.
 Beedle the Bard wss a key member of the heroes prophecied to resolve the Tiamat Crisis. While that saga was underway, a combination of fame and crucial service to the King of Darresteg earned him an appointment to the county governing the royal merchant marine. Prior knowledge of the sea made Prince Samedi a logical associate, but it was the music -- dark and stately, yet energetic enough to blend well with Beedle's own frenetic performances -- that brought them together. Roland Samedi kept his stage name, but abandoned his title while in service to the Count. When Beedle achieved his own duchy, that title-free period ended with the stage debut of Count Samedi.
 Though the Count knows enough to exercise sound judgement in oversight of the shipping line, he has largely delegated those responsibilities. His primary focus involves maintaining the lively Kraken's Reach social scene. Lavish parties often draw dignitaries even to the level of royalty. More nights than not, raucous amplified music washes over revellers keen to unwind after long days governed by protocol and decorum. Count Samedi shows little ambition to resume a life of adventure of travel, but he is entirely comfortable flaunting his own dark side to entertain or intimidate as circumstances warrant.

Name: Kabelo  Alias: Roland Samedi Title: Count  Gender: male  Race: human
Class: Bard 9/Warlock 5 Background: Outlander (jungle)  Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 47  Height: 6'4"  Weight: 190#  Eyes: brown  Hair: black, long  Skin: dark brown

AbilityScoreModSaveAttackRangeTo HitEffect
STRENGTH16+3+3Initiative: +2Pyroclastic Axemelee+101d12+5 slashing or fire damage
DEXTERITY14+2+6Speed: 30'Poison Spray10'DC 17 Con3d12 poison damage
CONSTITUTION12+1+1Armor Class: 16Vicious Mockery60'DC 17 Wisdom3d4 psychic damage & disadvantage
INTELLIGENCE12+1+1Hit Points: 84 Eldritch Blast150'+93d10 force damage
WISDOM10+0+0Perception: 10Dagger20'/60'+81d4+3 slashing damage
CHARISMA18+4+9Hit Dice: 14d8 Dart20'/60'+81d4+3 piercing damage

Skills: Acrobatics +7, Arcana +11, Athletics +8, Intimidation +9, Performance +14, Persuasion +9, Stealth +7, Survival +5
Special Abilities: Dark One's Blessing, Inspiring Leader (30'; 19hp x6), Pact of the Blade
Invocations: Devil's Sight, One with Shadows, Thirsting Blade
Cantrips: Dancing Lights, Eldrith Blast, Poison Spray, Mage Hand, Prestigitation, Vicious Mockery

Spell Slots: 2 Fiend Pact Warlock; 4/3/3/3/1 College of Lore Bard
Fiend Pact: Blindness/Deafness, Burning Hands, Command, Fireball, Scorching Ray, Stinking Cloud
Warlock: Charm Person, Counterspell, Fly, Hellish Rebuke, Hold Person
1st: Animal Friendship, Healing Word, Thunderwave
2nd: Enthrall, Invisibility, Shatter
3rd: Dispel Magic, Haste, Nondetection, Tongues
4th: Confusion, Polymorph
5th: Cloudkill, Geas

Equipment: Pyroclastic Axe, Rod of Absorbtion, Cloak of Protection, Periapt of Proof Against Poison, +2 Leather Armor, Lightning Metal Lute, Count's Medallion, 2 Daggers, 6 Darts