010STRRoll: 11-, Lift: 100 kg, HA: 2d6
1015DEXRoll: 12-
1020CONRoll: 13-
1020INTRoll: 13-, PER Roll 13-
1525EGORoll: 14-
1020PRERoll: 13-, PRE Attack: 4d6
204SPDPhases: 3, 6, 9, 12
46PDTotal: 16(26)/10 rPD
46EDTotal: 16(26)/10 rED
Total Characteristics Cost: 154
Points Complication
  20Big Green Demon (Causes Major Reaction or Prejudice)
  20Susceptible to Exorcism Rituals (Uncommon, 1d6 KA per Turn)
  10Vulnerable to Fire Attacks (Common, x1½ BODY)
  10Hedonist (Strong, Uncommon)
  10Watched by DEMON (More Powerful, NCI)
   5Huge Apetite (Infrequent, Barely Impairing)
  0(24m) Flight
  012m Running
  04m Swimming
  04m Leaping
60Narcotics Distribution: Multipower, 60-point reserve
f-4Smoke Ghost: Desolidification (affected by air/wind), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); Cannot Pass Through Solid Objects (-½)
f-4Hellaciously Stoned: Density Increase (80,000 kg mass, +50 STR, +10 PD/ED, -20 m KB), Reduced END (0 END; +½); Side Effect (Drain DEX 2d6; -½)
f-4Inspired Epiphany: Mind Control 3d6, Cumulative (420 points; +1¾), Invisible Power Effects (+½), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Telepathic (+¼); Concentration (0 DCV; -½)
f-4Dazed and Confused: Mental Blast 6d6; Extra Time (Delayed Phase; -¼), Reduced Penetration (-¼)6
f-4Double Vision: Shape Shift (Sight, Hearing, Mental, Smell/Taste, and Touch Groups, any shape), Imitation, Makeover, Costs END Only To Activate (+¼); Extra Time (Full Phase; -½)6
f-3Vision Quest: Mental Illusions 12d6; Cannot Cause Harm (-¼), Concentration (0 DCV; -½), Extra Time (Delayed Phase; -¼)6
f-3Hotbox Haze: Darkness to Sight and Mental Groups 7m radius, Costs END Only To Activate (+¼), Personal Immunity (+¼); Extra Time (Full Phase; -½), Increased END Cost (x3; -½)18
f-3Party Puff: Aid REC 8d6, ACV (OMCV against DCV; +0), Limited Range (100 m; +¼); Extra Time (Extra Segment; -½), Side Effect (recipient suffers Drain INT 2d6; -¼)6
f-3Bad Medicine: Drain CON 3d6, LOS (+½), ACV (OMCV vs. DMCV; +¼), AVAD (Mental Defense; +0), Invisible Power Effects (+¼); Extra Time (Delayed Phase; -¼), Psionic (-½)6
f-3Medicinal Flowers: Heal BODY 4d6, Can Heal Limbs, Limited Range (100 m; +¼); Concentration (0 DCV; -½), Extra Time (Extra Segment; -½)6
f-2Hoodlum's Hedgerow: Barrier 4 PD/4 ED, 15 BODY (up to 20 m long, 4 m high, and 2 m thick), Opaque to Normal Sight; Extra Time (Extra Segment; -½), Increased Endurance Cost (x3, -1), Limited Range (100 m; -¼)18
f-2Smuggler's Tunnel: Teleport 12m, x2 Increased Mass, ACV (OMCV against DCV; +0), Area Of Effect (3m radius; +¼), Constant (+½), Megascale (1m = 10km; +1¼), Usable Simultaneously (+½); Extra Time (1 Turn; -1¼), Gate (-½) 6
f-2Sticky Icky: Entangle 4d6, 4 PE/4 ED, Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation (+¼), Entangle And Character Both Take Damage (+¼); Extra Time (Full Phase; -½), Limited Range (100 m; -¼), Vulnerable (to fire/heat; -1)6
f-2Herbal Cleanse: Dispel Diseases, Intoxicants, and Poisons 8d6; Cumulative (180 points; +1), Variable Effect (any one afflicting power at a time; +½); Extra Time (1 Minute; -1½), Limited Range (100 m, -¼) 6
f-2Infernal Cornucopia: Major Transform 4d6 (plants, fungi, and products of same out of thin air, heals back normally); Improved Results Group (floral or fungal produce, extracts, and finished goods; +½); Extra Time (Full Phase; -½), Increased Endurance Cost (x3, -1), Limited Range (100 m, -¼) 18
24Metamorphic Motes: Resistant Protection (10 PD/10 ED); Does Not Work On Hallowed Ground (-¼)
10Getting High: Flight 24m, Costs END Only To Activate (+¼); Extra Time (Delayed Phase; -¼), Increased Endurance Cost (x6, -1¼), Side Effect (Drain DCV 2d6; -½)18
9Endless Demand: Regeneration (2 BODY per Day), Resurrection (stopped by cremation or exorcism), Resurrection Only (-2)
6Happy Thoughts: Mental Defense (11 points); Costs Endurance (-½), Extra Time (Delayed Phase; -¼)1
5Vibing Together: Telepathy 6d6; Extra Time (Full Turn; -1½), Increased Endurance Cost (x6, -2½), Stops Working If Stunned (-½)18
5Demonic Eyes: Infrared Perception (Sight Group)
5Controlled Substance: Extra Limbs
5Mindful Praxis: Mental Awareness
121 Overall Skill Level
3Acting 13-
3Charm 13-
3Computer Programming 13-
3Concealment 13-
3Conversation 13-
3Jack of All Trades
3Power: Botanical Blessings 13-
3KS: Arcane and Occult Lore 13-
3KS: Blues and Rock Music 13-
2PS: Broadcast Announcer 13-
2PS: Gardener 13-
2PS: Herbalist 13-
2PS: Painter 13-
2PS: Vegan Chef 13-
2PS: Woodworker 12-
3SS: Pharmacology 13-
3Shadowing 13-
3Stealth 12-
3Streetwise 13-
3Systems Operation 13-
Total Powers/Skills/Talents Cost: 246

 Demonweed can produce food, water, and supplemental oxygen to help those in need, including himself. Yet he does not draw sustenance in this way. He derives no satisfaction from treating himself with emergency relief. Properly replenishing his body requires far greater intake than normal. He consumes at least one gluttonous feast on an ordinary day, and he depletes limited oxygen supplies at fivefold the rate of a normal human at rest. Robust use of his powers can intensify these unnatural hungers.
 His private kitchens overflow with chemically vegan delicacies crafted from the supernatural substance of his own body. If already well fed, he can savor the flavors, scents, and textures of these foodstuffs. Demonweed typically maintains a public kitchen seperate from his own prep area so as to avoid "contaminating" his work through contact with meat. This actually conceals his unusual process for generating food, drink, and other party supplies. Also, his own fondness for meaty fare is best sated when others do the cooking.
 Away from home it is not uncommon for Demonweed to duck into a restaurant and devour multiple full meals. He might call a large food delivery to his location at an inopportune time. He has been known to feast on the flesh of a fresh kill, though it is unclear if this is an act performed for shock value or a compulsion driven by hunger. His own medicinal powers minimize the risks associated with ingesting parasites and poisons. Even so, Demonweed favors properly cooked barbecue platters or large steaks over almost any alternatives.
BACKGROUND/HISTORY: The glory days of rock music on the radio were the backdrop to [REDACTED]'s first career. At one point his late night show enjoyed regional syndication. When large corporations took broadcast music in different directions, he helped launch a community-supported station. Evolving media eventually rendered that operation unsustainable. Always a presence in the local underground scene, [REDACTED] continued to support himself through a mix of odd jobs and the resale of street drugs. He had no history of great heroism until the night he delivered some exotic hallucinogens to a DEMON splinter group.
 This cult was preparing to bring an elder Qliphothic entity with dominion over plants and fungi into this world. A human sacrifice was required for their purpose. [REDACTED] did not hesitate to act after learning a terrified captive was about to be slaughtered. While cult leaders were distracted with his wares, [REDACTED] rushed to liberate that captive. Concern about leaving his payment behind led to hesitation and capture. [REDACTED] was hauled back and forced atop the altar as a substitution. The ongoing ritual drew to a climax while he was still uninjured. Then a great torrent of hellfire incinerated the entire cult and much of the surrounding area along with the man who would become Demonweed.
 Still standing in defiance to his very last moment, the doomed drug dealer was redeemed by his courage. A hirsute green-skinned demon emerged from that blast. This creature was energized by intense unholy power yet inhabited by the spirit of that defiant mortal. After catching his own reflection in the remains of a window, Demonweed sought solitude. Authorities eventually arrived at the scene to determine [REDACTED] had been killed in the ritual-related inferno. For some time he made his home in a forest. There he recovered from psychological trauma while learning to accept and control his new body. Soon enough he was able to self-medicate while thriving as an apex predator.
 Demonweed returned to civilization once he could masquerade as an ordinary person. He continued to traffic in narcotics for financial support, now able to serve as his own source of quality goods. He changed identities often during this time, relocating quickly after any incident that might connect a visibly monstrous form with any of his human personae. Efforts to investigate the cult behind his accidental empowerment yielded little information until he discovered a team of DEMON agents monitoring his activities. Abrupt confrontation saw Demonweed defeated in battle only to be abducted, celebrated, and illuminated about his infernal capabilities.
 The rite that inadvertantly gave him control of this extraordinary body was controversial among the Inner Circle. Demonweed was the only survivor who did not escape prior to its incendiary climax. Organizers had already been ostracized, and their cult was now defunct. Yet DEMON researchers regarded this inversion of a human "possessing" a Qliphothic being as an opportunity for vital research. Demonweed struck a bargain to tour various Demonhames while studying with myriad mentors in the field of fiendish mentalism. Eventually these powers revealed the entire organization to be no less dangerous and destructive than the killers who almost slaughtered him in ritual sacrifice.
 The first step in making a new home for himself sees Demonweed out exploring the night life of his chosen community. While sampling notable social spots, he gathers information about law enforcement and the criminal underworld. Sometimes he rents a place on neutral ground. In other cases he obtains the protection of a powerful local leader. Each site is selected as a safe place to stage a wild private party.
 Festivities often begin slowly. Demonweed may live alone for some time to focus on gardening while furnishing and decorating the place. Nominally the big event is always about someone else – a birthday, graduation, promotion, etc. These small gatherings then snowball as word of mouth spreads and refreshments appear to be in endless supply. Demonweed is particularly fond of creating venues for live music and performance art.
 Guests make contributions beyond their own creativity. Demonweed has a ravenous appetite, but he never seems to maintain stockpiles of meat. He encourages visitors to make use of an outdoor grill or public kitchen to keep the menu more diverse than fare from the garden. Most items from the butcher's case will be welcome offerings. Yet even freeloaders are encouraged to partake from a rotating assortment of potent beverages, delectable snacks, and downright magical drugs.
 DEMON continues to keep tabs on Demonweed, mostly from afar. Meanwhile he roams as an enigmatic figure. Unnatural powers of persuasion enabled him to establish a legal identity as Demonweed and secure a diverse financial portfolio. Some see him as a hero who employs clever solutions to free victims of human trafficking. Others regard him as a suspect in a laundry list of crimes, including narcotics distribution as well as jailbreaks and obstruction of justice. For many he is the elusive host of a well-provisioned party. Though still cloaked in obscurity, Demonweed has the potential to be an immensely polarizing figure in any authoritarian society.

PERSONALITY/MOTIVATION: Even before his empowerment, [REDACTED] was a free-thinking rogue with a strong distrust of law enforcement. More than once he was able to walk away from a sensitive situation only by way of artful words. Now he is beginning to recognize his empowerment as an opportunity to achieve great change. Demonweed is driven by a personal sense of justice, though his philosophy does not bind that value to law and order. He refuses to do bodily harm to peaceful people. He will take bold risks to protect the innocent. Yet he has no qualms about using deception or fear to manipulate bystanders.
 A solitary figure who freely adopts new aliases, Demonweed often makes his lair in a hotel suite or rented house partitioned around an inner sanctum. Associates able to relax in the presence of his true form are welcome in this tranquil haven within the perimeter of relentless festivities. Slipping through the raucous haze allows him to elude surveillance. Though his revellers have been known to cause more than a little mischief, Demonweed does not tolerate violence in his own home. Time dedicated to keeping the crowd harmoniously happy is as much a source of joy as a source of cover for the pleasure-loving hellspawn.
 Personal freedom drives both his reluctance to put down roots and his zeal for liberating the unjustly imprisoned. Demonweed is a financial patron of groups that provide legal services to prisoners and refugees. He is also a person of interest in multiple crimes involving the escape of criminal suspects or the destruction of evidence. Yet, without benefit of counsel, Demonweed walked away unindicted from every interview conducted by legal authorities. Only the condemnation of ordained priests seems to frighten him. He cannot abide talk of exorcisms. Perhaps this is because such a process could dispossess him of the only body still suited to sustaining his life.

QUOTE: "Does that feel good? Do you want some more?"

 Even before his empowerment, Demonweed had a way of setting people at ease with small gifts, from samples of narcotics to bundles of fresh flowers. Now he can spontaneously produce a staggering variety of crafted objects and extracted substances. Some techniques have been habituated through frequent use. Demonweed can produce one of these items with a gesture that does not disrupt a human disguise or other ongoing magic. If he focuses much more power on the task and makes a serious effort, he can generate a batch containing dozens or hundreds of the following items.

 • Candy: From potent little mints that rid mouths of unwholesome scents to decadent chocolates that fill mouths with sweet delight, Demonweed is always ready to offer candy or chewing gum on request. Even innocuous items like lollipops and gummy bears may be infused with potent drugs. Recipients do well to heed advice about the appropriate rate of consumption. These discreet doses are ideal gifts for friends and associates residing in areas of harsh law enforcement.

 • Cards/Letters: Demonweed had awful handwriting in his former life. Now he delights in traditional correspondence, in part because he can produce a page of well-inked calligraphy or neatly printed text as quickly as he can compose the language it contains. He is a living copy machine for documents he can hold in plain view. These duplicates feature imperfections evident under magnification. Thus Demonweed is not an effective counterfeiter when his fakes are skeptically scrutinized.

 • Dice/Tokens: Not only can Demonweed fabricate small wooden objects in precise shapes, but they form fully painted and/or lacquered. One by one he could produce the pieces of a chess set or tangrams in this way. Objects can be customized to the point that he might give someone a figurine of their own likeness or a personalized engraved wooden plaque. Yet Demonweed is no expert in gambling or physics. All of the dice he generates are essentially true until defects accumulate from handling and use.

 • Drinks: Demonweed's parties feature well-stocked bars where spirits pour from casks into wooden goblets or hollow coconuts. Wines and beers are likewise drawn from barrels and served in wooden vessels. Some of his concoctions feature infusions of ayahuasca, cannabis, coca, coffee, ephedra, kava, khat, iboga, opium, peyote, psilocybin, salvia, or wormwood among other substances. Yet even those who favor simple juice or water need not go thirsty while Demonweed is around.

 • Furnishings: Demonweed can produce small ornamental items, such as dollhouse furniture, with nothing more than gestures. More of his power is required for objects meant to support the weight of at least one person. His skills in this area are well-honed. From breezy wicker chairs to stately hardwood thrones, expert craftsmanship shows in the results. He can also produce beanbags, beds, cabinets, cases, couches, cushions, desks, doors, partitions, pillows, railings, shelves, stools, tables and decorative woodwork through these efforts.

 • Joints: A common parting gift at Demonweed's events is a polished ebony case containing twelve marijuana cigarettes. Extensive knowledge allows him to offer a range of varietals cured and ground for an ideal smoking experience. Now capable of treating his own diseases, the demonic herbalist has also been known to produce cigars and cigarettes featuring cloves, cocoa, eucalyptus, ginseng, opium, and/or tobacco. Sometimes he prints official Surgeon General's warnings on their cases.

 • Packaging: No supplies are required for Demonweed to wrap a parcel or gift. Simple twine and brown paper sealed with hot wax are his inconspicuous default. Yet he can produce all manner of colorful papers, durable boxes, floral embellishments, and satin ribbons. Disposable cups and wrappings allow gifts of food and drink to pass for store-bought unless specifically branded then subject to close inspection of graphics or labels. For a truly elegant presentation, Demonweed may opt for a glossy wooden box with sliding panels and padded interior.

 • Pastries: Demonweed's signature brownie delivers 420mg of activated THC – a dose that overwhelms many. He can also produce breads, brownies, cakes, cookies, croissants, cannoli, cupcakes, doughnuts, eclairs, pies, rolls, and tarts with little or no narcotic content. These may contain a variety of infusions derived from beans, nuts, fruits, mushrooms, seeds, and vegetables. He can be quick to offer doughnuts and coffee to law enforcement personnel arriving at the scene of trouble.

 • Scents: Demonweed's natural fragrance is similar to an earthy cannabis, turning to brimstone when he is injured. Using magic in his true form makes his fragrance particularly potent. Live flowers and hot bread provide cover for that and various other aromas in his home. Fresh cut flowers, incense, scented candles, and perfumes are all employed by Demonweed to make his company more pleasant. Stronger oils of clove, mint, or pepper are options for discouraging bloodhounds.

 • Stains: An assortment of inks, laquers, paints, and varnishes can be dispensed from Demonweed's fingertips. Even liquid latex is an option for him. Occasionally he vandalizes property with graffiti, and he can be quick to cover over any hateful graffiti in his path. He undertakes cleaning tasks with solutions featuring citric acid or ethanol. Mustering his full conjuring power can be unpredictable. Each large batch varies as much as 70% over or under a target quantity of fluid.

 • Textiles: A full blanket is a little too much for Demonweed to weave with a simple gesture. A warm scarf, a dry towel, or a flimsy robe are the sorts of things he always seems to have handy. Yet with greater effort he can produce banners, drapes, nets, paintings, rugs, sails, sheets, tapestries, and tents of considerable size. Blankets and complete ensembles of clothing are also possibilities. Coconut, cork, cotton, flax, hemp, jute, lotus, and nettle are among the sources of fiber Demonweed can incorporate into these creations.
POWERS/TACTICS: Demonweed does not favor direct confrontation. Because his true form appears monstrous to many onlookers, he sometimes tampers with the memories of disturbed bystanders. Many who encounter him experience brief episodes of missing time with no ability to recall his presence. Mesmerism is also his preferred approach to opposition. If altering the minds of others cannot accomplish his objectives, he has the option to rampage with unholy strength. This is a last resort Demonweed considers unpleasant. Whenever possible, he will recruit superpowered allies in preparation for a challenging battle.
 As part of a team, Demonweed is a tremendous asset able to heal and reinvigorate others. He is also capable of generating clouds of thick smoke, rows of hardy shrubs, and restraints of clinging vines. As a psychic combatant, Demonweed falls well short of the top tier. He thrives in the role of trickster. Watching foes turn deadly attacks against each other is a personal triumph. He commands numerous techniques for creating confusion or bloodlessly incapacitating others. Demonweed has a proven willingness to make personal sacrifices. Perhaps this is because he is a particularly difficult entity to kill.

CONTEXTS/ROLES: Demonweed never fits neatly into a polarized picture. He continues to show sympathy for rogues and other outsiders even while collaborating with authorities. Yet he will not support lethal aggression even when allied with outlaws. His loyalties are often driven by the desire to keep his latest residence a secure venue for uninhibited festivities. He may pair bribery with mesmerism so that collaborators remain discreet and loyal without frequent psychic manipulation. Ultimately, his main wish is that everyone around him be well and happy.
 Toward that end, Demonweed's lair sometimes becomes a haven for both heroes and villains seeking to recover from rough outcomes. He encourages guests of all stripes to leave their troubles outside and partake of whatever pleasures might improve the night. It pleases him to help mutual antagonists find common ground. Though a great place for negotiations and recuperations, his lair also sees trouble. Demonweed sometimes seeks allies to assist with unruly party guests beyond his own power level. He will not abandon innocents to danger even when the time has come to find a new home elsewhere.

APPEARANCE: At a towering 240cm, Demonweed would not be easy to overlook even if he did not have long dark green hair and bright red bull's horns. His mottled green skin features crimson stripes along with tiny flecks of orange and purple. His eyes are perpetually bloodshot. Their luminous red irises blaze brilliantly during the exercise of psychic abilities. Demonweed normally walks on a pair of hirsute legs with red cloven hooves. His natural voice is a resonant baritone endowed with exceptional smoothness and clarity. When threatened, his skin becomes scaly while jagged defensive spikes erupt along his shoulders, forearms, shins, and spine.
 Demonweed casually loses or sprouts appendages. He deploys tails, tentacles, and prehensile vines as easily as conventional arms and legs. Smoke typically wafts away from these physical changes as well as any injuries to his true form. It only takes a little artistic focus for him to adopt the appearance and voice of any full-grown person known to him. He can also sculpt himself to appear as a stunningly attractive human or a more terrifying sort of monster. He is not above spoofing celebrities to have them sighted at his own parties. He also sometimes wears the face of a local politician or judge to confuse authority figures crossing his path.

NARCOTICS DISTRIBUTION: Demonweed's body was intended as an earthly vessel for a leadership figure from another plane of existence. He is entirely composed of magical metamorphic motes. Alone each interchangeable grain appears as a black speck featuring a tiny glowing ember. When compressed together they become infernal flesh more akin to clay or stone than meat. This body gives him the potential to lash out with an arsenal of massively destructive attacks. Rather than cultivate those abilities, Demonweed harnessed his innate arcane power primarily for restorative and recreational purposes.
 Simply put, Demonweed's main superpower is drugs. His body can produce a staggering variety of complex organic substances ranging from distilled extracts to fresh produce. Arcane forces shape and deliver these floral and fungal wonders up to 100 m away. He can also bypass the material world altogether. The mindbending power of a demon, ecclectic study of occult lore, and ample experience with altered states all come together in Demonweed's telepathic pharmacopeia. He can simulate the effects of various potent substances just by staring at a target through the eyes of his true form.
 Some of his most extraordinary abilities are psionic and all of them are magical. Demonweed can deliver any words or gestures of power by way of growing new appendages or even a new mouth if need be. Forged in epic sacrifice, the forces keeping the core of Demonweed's body alive are beyond ordinary disjunction. Apart from incineration of his remains, only a ritual exorcism will prevent inevitable regrowth. When Demonweed is conscious he only need remain still a few seconds to repopulate his motes. Deliberately expelling large quantities of them generates fatigue. For him it is no small labor to raise up a sprawling hedge maze or carefully conjure the goods for a major drug delivery.

SMOKE GHOST: Instantly atomizing himself is an effective way for Demonweed to disregard threats of violence or infiltrate a secure facility. He can move normally in this milky wraithlike form even while passing through the smallest openings. Physical and energy attacks do not interact with him, save for those that affect the air or wind. Yet he is also unable to injure others in this form, since both his mind and body are too relaxed to deliver anything more than verbal aggression. He can still see and be seen, hear and be heard, making this technique useful for exploring unfamiliar places and parleying with deadly adversaries.

HELLACIOUSLY STONED: Demonweed is overwhelmed by an ancient fury the instant he contemplates the true name of the being whose body he usurped. Rippling vines cover his torso and limbs. Unholy might courses through every fiber of his being. In this state Demonweed can lift any earthly creature or bash through all but the most heavily fortified barriers while comparable force is required to lift or shove him. Even deadly attacks seem to trouble him less while energized by this anger that is not his own. His movements are awkward during a brief period of adjustment after undergoing this savage transformation.

INSPIRED EPIPHANY: By channeling a devilish tongue and years of broadcasting experience into telepathic signals, Demonweed can profoundly change the behavior of almost anyone lacking a solid psychic defense. After concentrating on one target he can see over the span of a minute or two, his inner voice manifests as that person's own thoughts. The result typically delivers a narrative with religious or philosophical themes serving as the basis for an unyielding new commitment. Even heartfelt convictions and long-standing habits can be completely reversed through this mesmeric technique.

DAZED AND CONFUSED: Powerful psychics can dismiss this mental attack before it becomes more than a swell of thrilling music or a surge of uplifting emotions. Unprotected minds risk being overcome with ecstasy that defies description when Demonweed unleashes this impulse on a person he can see. Most victims will be stunned by a cascade of blissful memories escalating into pure fantasy both surreal and seductive. Some normal humans will immediately be knocked out from sheer bewilderment. Repeated applications can leave people deep inside dreams they have no desire to escape.

DOUBLE VISION: Demonweed's body was created to be a versatile husk for housing an aristocrat from another plane of existence. He only needs a few seconds to sculpt, color, and stabilize a flawless personal disguise. Demonweed can adopt the appearance of any beast, plant, or inanimate object of similar overall size. He can also assume the precise look, scent, voice, and overall "vibe" of any particular individual he has previously studied. Even the most appealing or intimidating appearances can be adopted through this technique. Likewise, he can manifest an aura of immense psychic power or appear to have no mind at all.

VISION QUEST: Hallucination is both a narcotic and demonic specialty. During a moment of concentration on one person he can see, Demonweed can alter any or all of their perceptions. These alterations can cause a target to overlook a plainly visible object, hear imaginary sounds, or mistake someone for a completely different person. Total immersion in a simulated environment is also within Demonweed's power, though most people would subsequently doubt those jarring experiences. Victims typically stop hallucinating soon after this effect ends. The most strong-willed sometimes break free while it is still underway.

HOTBOX HAZE: By means of a magical coughing fit, Demonweed expels a cloud of heavy smoke settling into a 14 m diameter sphere up to 100 m away. Not only does this thick white mass block sight, but its enchanted particulates completely confound mental senses. Expelling these huge clouds is not easy, but Demonweed can sustain any number of them so long as the underlying spell remains active. That same magic exempts him from their interference with visual and psychic perceptions. Though these clouds smell heavily of premium cannabis, they do not inhibit smell senses nor have a major intoxicating effect.

PARTY PUFF: Demonweed happily dispenses this effect outside combat as well as in battle. The process involves exhaling medicated vapors that converge a second later as a surreal halo for one recipient within 100 m. These lingering clouds are rich with enchanted painkillers and stimulants. Each mixture can be customized to the needs and preferences of individuals. Though inhaling dulls the edge of a tactical genius and generally muddles the mind, most who partake benefit greatly from a rush of energy plus the ability to ignore minor injuries. Those who do not inhale experience neither the benefits nor the side effects.

 Demonweed dabbled in the occult even as a young man. Back then he would perform tarot readings as a way to bond with and learn about open-minded associates. He stumbled into a position of privilege within DEMON after being transformed into an entity with vast arcane potential. Demonweed participated in various studies and experiments in exchange for advanced training from occult masters. His mind has since been purged of many secrets, but he retains lore related to black magic, conjuration, mesmerism, and Qliphothic phenomena.
 Originally fashioned from the residue of countless burnt offerings, Demonweed's body is constituted by billions of tiny fungible particles. Each seems to sport an ember as if it were slowly combusting. These magical motes boldy defy physics, including the law of conservation of mass. If depleted, collective can be restored by one spell without any material input. Dispersion into a smoky form allows Demonweed to flow through mesh screens or ooze under the gaps in doorframes while barely heavier than the surrounding air. Yet he can also substantiate so intensely as to acquire the inertia of a mature blue whale.
 His motes are also robustly metamorphic, altering colors and other properties as needed. Thus Demonweed can impersonate a fully grown human or even lurk as a seemingly inanimate piece of furniture. A casual effort allows him to whip up a kilogram of vegetable or fungal matter by shedding a few motes. Only in his true form can Demonweed attempt greater efforts, burning small wisps of himself to power personalized spells. When he focuses on pure conjuration he can produce elaborately crafted objects of botanical origin with individual components no larger than 96 kg.
 With his favorite magic, Demonweed trades a little of himself to restore the health of another. A similar sacrifice supports long distance travel or expeditious withdrawal with an infernal conduit trivializing the distance between two locations in this world. Demonweed is particularly skilled at manipulating neurotransmitter levels in the minds of others. Delerium, hallucinations, and suggestibility are personal specialties. Nowadays when he offers a tarot reading in his true form, Demonweed's patter may be a ploy to distract from sorcery of the subconscious.
BAD MEDICINE: Demonweed prides himself on having never administered a fatal overdose of any mind-altering substance. He seems to have a knack for tailoring these experiences to the desires, limitations, and tolerances of individuals. Distasteful as he finds it, Demonweed can violate his own sensibilities just enough to deliver a telepathic assault triggering severe nausea and vertigo in the mind of one person he can see. Rugged victims with unshielded minds will become easier to stun or poison. An ordinary human hit with this effect may briefly become sickened by the mere thought of any strenuous activity.

MEDICINAL FLOWERS: Demonweed's body was built to poison, impale, and incinerate large numbers of people. Instead his most miraculous magic is a proper healing spell. He produces stems, leaves, blooms, and nectars that transmute into the bones, tissues, organs, fluids, and other substances required to repair major injuries and replace missing body parts in a creature no more than 100 m away. Plants, constructs, inanimate objects, and Demonweed himself may also benefit from this magic. This process of regrowth and transmutation takes at least a second to complete.

HOODLUM'S HEDGEROW: Words of primordial power call upon the underworld before a single handclap heralds this eruption of earth and shrubs. In their standard form these hedgerows arise 4 m tall and 2 m wide while extending up to 20 m in length. A rectangular variation surrounds a 4 m x 2 m cell with 4 m tall hedges 2 m thick. These hedgerows feature many hollows suitable for concealing small items. Though the shrubs can be climbed, it is difficult to make a stand atop one of these verdant obstacles. A normal human would require firepower, or at least power tools, to create a breach without extensive labor.

SMUGGLER'S TUNNEL: Demonweed's mind was scoured of techniques for teleporting directly into a global network of Demonhames. Yet he retains some skill at crafting infernal portals to bypass normal space. Gaps in his understanding limit Demonweed to imprecise destinations more than 10 km yet no more than 120 km from his present location. A 6 m diameter gateway near Demonweed ideally links to another within 120 m of a point specified by bearing and distance. An error in blind reckoning may open a portal dozens of kilometers away from its intended destination. Fortunately, he can complete several such efforts per minute, outpacing supersonic aircraft with a sorcerous stroll. Sustaining one of these portals allows passage in either direction, though this is a demanding effort. They collapse rather than convey any creatures or objects exceeding 200 kg.

STICKY ICKY: These glistening vines exude a resin both strongly adhesive and mildly psychoactive. Demonweed fashions them with a loop meant to snare a target on contact. Capable of reaching victims up to 100 m away, a successful throw causes the loop to constrict while the remainder of the enchanted vine coils to secure any free limbs. Magical residue thwarts escape by teleportation. Normal humans lack the strength to free one of their own from these bindings. A low level of superhuman strength, a large knife, or any sort of fire is likely to do the trick. Otherwise the vines will dry out and grow brittle in 4-24 hours.

HERBAL CLEANSE: This thaumaturgic process often requires several minutes of patience while the recipient is exposed to an arsenal of botanical remedies. Treatments vary from case to case. Each involes some combination of vapors, salves, narcotics, and antibiotics delivered by Demonweed from up to 100 m away. Fresh fruit and beverages sometimes join the barrage to alleviate dehydration, hunger, and vitamin deficiencies. When Demonweed is done with this process, one cooperative target should be rid of one ongoing affliction related to disease, poison, or intoxication. Recipients emerge thoroughly washed and gently perfumed.

 Demonweed has been technically killed several times since his original body was incinerated during the event that united him with this Qliphothic form. If knocked out while disguised, he will revert to this monstrous true form. If that form is so badly damaged that everything resembling normal biology ceases, he will grow cold. Yet he will also literaly grow in an almost imperceptible way, day by day restoring absent appendages and replenishing the population of his magical motes until he is whole enough to engage in conscious spellcasting.
 When Demonweed is well, his body temperature is higher than an ordinary human. He may seem feverish under close examination. Demonweed has the theoretical potential to unleash devastating torrents of hellfire. Because his own body is particularly combustible, he eschews even the arcane convenience of a fingertip flame. An oracle operating under duress in DEMON captivity once foretold Demonweed would meet his end in fire. Cremation surely could reduce his remains to ash unable regenerate. Yet fire is not all he need fear.
 With a spirit born of this world, Demonweed is not particularly harmed by most blessings and holy magic. His body is altogether different. Demonweed's flesh becomes as soft and frail as an ordinary human while visiting a duly consecrated burial ground, church, shrine, or temple. Also, properly performed exorcisms unravel the magic at the core of his being. His body will dissolve throughout the course of such a ritual. If Demonweed does not escape or neutralize the officiant(s) during the first minute of an exorcism directed at him, he is likely to be disabled. It would only take another minute or so of additional efforts from the exorcist to achieve permanent destruction.
INFERNAL CORNUCOPIA: Demonweed's body was created to serve an unearthly master of herbalism. An expelled cluster of his metamorphic motes can travel up to 100 m before settling into all manner of forms derived from plants and mushrooms. He can fabricate pure street drugs of any variety with such a precursor. The process is naturally chaotic, with individual batches ranging from $4,000 to $24,000 in value. He can also generate large amounts of beverages, candles, cleansers, dyes, fresh produce, hot food, incense, inks, medicines, oils, paper products, perfumes, ropes, rubber items, spices, textile goods, waxes, wickerwork, and wooden objects.

METAMORPHIC MOTES: Demonweed no longer has conventional human anatomy. Microscopic examination reveals that he is not composed of living cells. Instead his consciousness resides in a swarm of interchangeable motes compressed into demonic flesh and bone. This makes him difficult to effectively wound unless his substance is softened by the influence of holy ground. He can spontaneously grow wood, bone, horn, or shell features to better block attacks. His defenses normally provide better protection than medieval plate armor. When Demonweed suffers bodily harm in his true form, he does not bleed but instead emits puffs and trails of sulfurous smoke.

GETTING HIGH: Energetic indulgence in his own supply is the secret to getting Demonweed off the ground. He expels enchanted motes that become a smoky vortex swirling around his lower body while imparting upward momentum. Aloft he can fly at speeds of up to 72 kph, though his aim and maneuverability are compromised at speeds over 36 kph. Taking flight is a bit of a struggle, but this movement itself is effortless. Demonweed can sustain top speed or a stationary hover for as long as he can maintain consciousness. Yet he can be slow to evade while finding his footing with a freshly conjured cloud.

ENDLESS DEMAND: The body Demonweed inhabits is an arcane construct forged during a spectacularly potent ritual. Even when it has been damaged beyond all recognition, persistent binding energy remains active at the core of his largest remnant. Little by little, new motes will form and join the construct. Powerful magic may arrest this process, but it will resume when the suppression ends. After achieving a critical mass, Demonweed awakens and this automatic process concludes. He can be permanently killed if his remains are thoroughly cremated, leaving no unburnt motes. Death will also follow a complete exorcism, effectively parting his spirit from this body.

HAPPY THOUGHTS: From intimate evenings to enormous festivals, Demonweed has no shortage of pleasant memories. He fends off psychic attacks by dwelling on exquisite musical performances, brilliant comedic routines, and wild psychedelic odesseys. Consciously maintaining a connection to his human past provides a tether he can cling to when his empowered mind comes under direct assault. This psychic defense is only enough thwart feeble efforts outright. Yet the stabiliy it provides also reduces the harm from more ferocious mental assaults.

 Demonweed remains a relatively obscure figure for a being with his abilities. Information about him can be pieced together from eyewitness accounts, law enforcement records, demonologists' pontifications, and a small number of media interviews. The following details can be uncovered with an appropriate Skill Roll:

N/R: Demonweed was once a mortal human transformed into a demon when an occult ritual misfired with explosive results. He has been connected to a wide range of non-violent crimes.

K/R: Demonweed inhabits a body designed to serve an infernal herbalist at the vanguard of an invasion of hellspawn. The cult intent on that apocalypse no longer exists, but it was a cell within DEMON.

-2: The ritual that empowered him was unknown to Demonweed before he arrived that night. He was no member of the cult, and his interference thwarted the summoning process.

-4: Demonweed is not the savvy investor he appears to be on paper. He props up his own net worth and covers tax obligations with regular infusions of legitimate cash. This is likely acquired through the sale of street drugs to buyers willing to pay a premium for purity and quality.

-9: DEMON once bestowed the title of Morbane on Demonweed while schooling him in unholy arcana. He completely renounced the group and allowed his memory to be purged of organizational secrets. Nevertheless DEMON continues to study Demonweed as a magical anomaly.
VIBING TOGETHER: When Demonweed says, "lets get on the same frequency," he may be speaking literally. Establishing two-way telepathic communication with a person he can see is an arduous process that feels like "tuning in" from his perspective. Agreeable partners find themselves able to converse mentally with Demonweed and anyone else "patched in" to a session. Less cooperative subjects may be able to break free, as will anyone who delivers an effective stunning attack. While a participant remains connected, Demonweed may delve beyond the surface thoughts, perhaps even probing the memories of a target.

DEMONIC EYES: Most demons visualize heat to better detect cool spots where interlopers seek shelter from hellish conditions. The same sight functions well on this plane of existence as a way of spotting warm-blooded creatures even on starless nights. Ordinary fog, foliage, and smoke do not obstruct this form of sight. In addition to perceiving heat, Demonweed sees light like a normal human. Though he cannot process an exceptionally wide visual field, he has been known to disguise which way he is looking through the use of multiple faces. He can also grow eyestalks in order to peer discreetly around corners.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: While floating loose, each mote of Demonweed's body has the properties of a tiny ember kept aloft by its own warmth. Even when bound together tightly, the collective can reconfigure itself in all sorts of ways. His many transformations and emissions are largely governed by the needs of other active powers. Some limited alterations do not interfere with major ongoing magic. Thus only the slightest effort is required for feats like like growing additional arms, securing an item with a customized harness, changing the shape of his tracks, or sprouting decorative wings.

MINDFUL PRAXIS: Be it the rigors of perilous adventures or the delights of decadent celebrations, change is the one constant in Demonweed's state of mind. Early in his training as a mentalist he learned to evaluate his environment and others in it through a myriad of perspectives. His own first impressions are only sustained if they hold up to critical views. This honest immersion in the moment makes him sensitive to psychic phenomena in his area. Demonweed will perceive an aura around the source of any active mental powers. His mindfulness distinguishes these visualizations from any glow he might encounter or hallucinate.

BOTANICAL BLESSINGS: Only a casual gesture is required for Demonweed to produce a small amount of ordinary matter derived from plants and/or fungi. He delights in offering guests wooden mugs brimming with beer, coffee, nectar, juice, tea, or wine. Portions of nutritious food or mind-altering edibles are likewise served up on paper or cloth wrappings. Bandages, decorative carvings, documents, elastics, flowers, fragrances, garments, inks, lotions, medications, nets, paints, ropes, seasonings, smoking materials, soaps, tools, toys, and wickerwork are likewise available for Demonweed to dispense freely from his own hands.