Name: Leonidas Petropolous  Gender: male  Race: human
Class: Druid  Background: Courier  Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 34  Height: 5'9"  Weight: 140#  Eyes: dark brown  Hair: light brown  Skin: tan

AbilityScoreModSaveAttackRangeTo HitEffect
STRENGTH7-2-2Initiative: +0Quarterstaffmelee+01d6-2 or 1d8-2 crushing damage
DEXTERITY10+0+0Speed: 40'Dagger20'/60'+21d4 piercing damage
CONSTITUTION10+0+0Armor Class: 12 [14]Firebolt120'+31d10 fire damage
INTELLIGENCE12+1+3Hit Points: 18 Thorn Whip30'+51d6 piercing damage & 10' pull
WISDOM16+3+5Perception: 15Scimitarmelee+01d6-2 slashing damage
CHARISMA7-2-2Hit Dice: 3d8

Skills: Arcana +3, Insight +5, Nature +3, Perception +5, Stealth +2
Special Abilities: Druidcraft, Herbalism, Thieves' Tools, Wild Shape 3/day
Magic Initiate: Expeditious Retreat, Mage Hand, Firebolt
Mobile: full dash over difficult terrain; melee attacks prevent opportunity attacks

Spell Slots: 4/2   
Default 1st: Faerie Fire, Fog Cloud, Healing Word, Speak with Animals
Default 2nd: Heat Metal, Moonbeam

Magic Items: Ring of Unbecoming Sagacity (+2 WIS/-2 CHA), Potion of Healing, Holy Water x4
Equipment: Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Studded Leather Armor, Wooden Shield, Dagger x4, Explorer's Pack, Herbalism Kit, Thieves Tools

 Young Leonidas Petropolous did not appear to possess any major aptitudes. This was not a problem, since his family possessed great wealth. A prosperous teamster and tinker, Leo's father made an effort to offer his son every advantage. This eventually included full tuition at Löwenstadt Academy -- a renowned school of wizardry. Yet the wealthy Thracian lad did not prove an apt pupil. Leonidas was notably slow in every sense save footspeed.
 That small gift made him a true asset to the Academy's athletic squads. His only consistent spellcasting paired with natural swiftness, enabling him to make big plays against tough competition. Resulting victories along with generous tution payments induced the Academy to tolerate a marginal academic performance from Leonidas. Then a parasitic financier became involved with the family business. Within a year, the funding was gone. Leonidas's parents disappeared mysteriously, and the young man himself was no longer able to continue his arcane studies.
 Yet he had become popular on campus, so a place was made for him as a messenger. He was happy to be polymorphed into a great lion to deliver communiques from the Academy's administration to the outside world. Leo soon managed to support himself between tips from those errands and some work as a private courier. Year after year of this activity enabled him to become skilled at identifying intended recipients as well as hiding from unwanted pursuers. Curiosity even drove him to learn how to pick locks so that he might investigate the contents of sealed deliveries.
 This lack of discretion led to the end of his relationship with Löwenstadt Academy. In losing his place as their herald, he also lost the experience of being transformed into a swift, powerful beast able to rush through wild lands. Bereft and seeking that downright addictive pleasure, Leo took to the study of the Old Faith. Driven by the need to revisit a leonine form, he quickly completed this course of training. Now he seeks to prove himself a great adventurer in the hopes that Leonidas the Lion can rebuild his family name . . . and avenge the mysterious misfortunte that befell his parents.