Name: Albert-Henri de Burgundy  Gender: male  Race: human
Class: Light Domain Cleric 4  Background: Noble (disenfranchised royalty)  Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 34  Height: 6'4"  Weight: 160#  Eyes: dark brown  Hair: dark brown  Skin: fair

AbilityScoreModSaveAttackRangeTo HitEffect
STRENGTH11+0+0Initiative: +2Handaxe20'/60'+41d6+2 slashing damage
DEXTERITY14+2+2Speed: 30'Dagger20'/60'+41d4+2 piercing damage
CONSTITUTION14+2+2Armor Class: 16 [18]Sacred Flame60'Dex DC 141d8 radiant damage
INTELLIGENCE14+2+2Hit Points: 31 Firebolt120'+41d10 fire damage
WISDOM19+4+6Perception: 14
CHARISMA16+3+5Hit Dice: 4d8

Skills: History +4, Insight +6, Medicine +6, Persuasion +5, Religion +4
Special Abilities: Channel Divinity 4 , Dragon Chess, Guidance, Light, Thaumaturgy, Warding Flare 4
Magic Initiate: Find Familiar, Prestidigitation, Firebolt
Spell Slots: 4/2
1st: Bless, Burning Hands, Detect Magic, Faerie Fire, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word, Sanctuary
2nd: Calm Emotions, Flaming Sphere, Gentle Repose, Lesser Restoration, Scorching Ray
Equipment: Breastplate, Metal Shield, 2 Handaxes, 2 Daggers, Holy Symbol, Chess Set

 In 2,247 G.C., the Kingdom of Burgundy celebrated its tricentennial with a renewed pledge of support to the Sylvanian Confederation. By 2,275 G.C., Truscan forces had conquered several of Burgundy's neighbors, and Confederate forces were failing to hold all along the Imperial border. In 2,283 G.C., crown prince Albert-Henri was born while the royal household was in the process of fleeing their homeland. As heir to the throne, a loyal and well-resourced household saw to it that young Albert enjoyed the education and luxuries befitting a future king. Yet, with no tax base to support them, the household dwindled and then dissolved when assassins orphaned this adolescent prince.
 Until he exhausted the last of his family's crown jewels, Albert roamed from university to university, continuing to receive an excellent education. Today a Truscan-backed usurper rules securely from the old Burgundian capitol, and Albert has made no effort to reclaim the throne for his bloodline. Instead his aim is to become a force for peace and healing. In his eyes, the privileges of rulership seem surpassed by accompanying burdens. Though committed to the roles of diplomat and physician, he remains true to his royal upbringing in terms of dignity and courtesy.
 No longer able to bankroll his life of scholarship, Albert set about trying to establish himself as a healer for hire. A nearby Apollonian Institute vexed him by offering free services, including the power of prayer, to those in need. In desperate financial straits, he approached them in search of a business arrangement. Instead he was moved by their holy purpose. His medical knowledge was nothing compared to the miracles he could achieve in the name of the God of the Setting Sun. Though still a regal elitist, Albert-Henri now makes it his purpose to bring light, comfort, and relief to all innocent people plagued by darkness, misery, and disease.
 Bond: seeks to uphold the noble values of his ancestors
 Ideal: liberating the oppressed in minimally violent ways
 Flaw: believes royal blood makes him intrinsically superior

Name: Orion  Gender: male  Race: human
Class: War Domain Cleric 4  Background: Criminal (reformed bandit)  Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28  Height: 5'11"  Weight: 170#  Eyes: brown  Hair: black  Skin: tan

AbilityScoreModSaveAttackRangeTo HitEffect
STRENGTH14+2+2Initiative: +7Longbow120'/360'+51d8+3 piercing damage
DEXTERITY16+3+3Speed: 30'Dagger20'/60'+51d6+3 piercing damage
CONSTITUTION12+1+1Armor Class: 16 [18]Scimitarmelee+51d6+3 slashing damage
INTELLIGENCE10+0+0Hit Points: 27 Sacred Flame60'Dex DC 141d8 radiant damage
WISDOM18+4+6Perception: 16
CHARISMA9-1+1Hit Dice: 4d8

Skills: Animal Handling +6, Deception +1, Perception +6, Stealth +5, Survival +6
Special Abilties: Bolt of Inspiration 4 , Channel Divinity 4 , Guidance, Light, Lyre
Alertness: cannot be surprised while conscious, no advantage for hidden attackers
Spell Slots: 4/2
1st: Bane, Divine Favor, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word, Inflict Wounds, Shield of Faith
2nd: Find Traps, Locate Object, Magical Weapon, Protection from Poions, Silence, Spiritual Weapon
Equipment: Breatplate, Metal Shield, Longbow, 40 Arrows, 2 Scimitars, 2 Daggers, Disguise Kit, Thieves' Tools, Chess Set

 In the raging war between Mainland's two greatest empires, countless border communities have been laid waste. Orphaned in youth, a young hunter named Orion was driven by conflict to become a scavenger, then driven by desperation to become a highwayman. He initially made his way in the world by salvaging leftover spears and arrows from recent battles. Orion later learned to poach game in efforts to feed war refugees. Yet he really only came into his own after joining an outlaw gang known as the Midnight Scorpions. Successfully robbing several merchants who ventured into the warzone, the Scorpions could afford to keep themselves in fine leather and wine.
 Law enforcement improved dramatically when an accord was established between the Truscan and Serpian empires. The Midnight Scorpions continued their lives of crime at growing peril. When the dragonborn clan Black Scorpion tried to consolidate all local outlaws, joining the alliance seemed a sound survival strategy. Then one lad was killed for speaking out of turn in front of the clan chief. The rest carried on in uneasy comfort for nearly two more years. Then Black Scorpion took a stand against a full Truscan Legion. Overcoming difficult odds, the dragonborn triumphed. In celebration they literally devoured a small farming village, insisting their human allies stand guard about the grizzly feast. Orion held his post until the light of dawn revealed the extent of the slaughter.
 Though Black Scorpion clan was doomed by the might of the Truscan Empire, Orion was not. Fleeing headlong into the wilderness, he set out for distant lands. His defection raised an alarm, and Orion only escaped recapture by hurtling himself down a rapids. The desperate maneuver should have killed him, but instead he found himself recovering at the feet of an elderly archer. A minister of the Sagitarrian Way, this wanderer nourished and educated the fugitive outlaw long enouguh duplicating the sacred scrolls of his holy order, then present them as a parting gift. Travelling alone once more, Orion is determined to make himself virtuous, hoping that Apollo will bless and guide his arrows in return.
 Bond: seeks redemption for part in massacre
 Ideal: eager to provide for poor and downtrodden
 Flaw: laughably bad ideas about disguise