Sudden Attack
  • Captain Simon Breeze
  • VIP Bashar Kostas Savas
  • spice cargo (hard to waterproof)
  • treasure chest (hard to float)
  • logbook
Old Lady Terwilliger sits alone in her abandoned ale house. When she left to honor her husband's last request, the establishment was entrusted to the care of hooligans. Returning to a vandalized wreck, the Dusty Swan is now known as the Rusty Spoon. The widow is happy to offer our intrepid adventurers shelter if they would only be so bold as to investigate a stench emenating from the basement. DC 18 STR check to move furniture off the trapdoor (and demonstrate how teamwork is adjudicated.) This is followed by a basic fight against one ugly stinker.



First Blood     Going Ashore     Restless Natives

A Moan From Afar    Sentinel Squad    Checkmate